On Visions by Troy James Weaver

Slim-fisted book out from Broken River Books and my first impression of Troy James Weaver.

More important than historic text, than god-numbers falling through the tree of life and into your soul, more important than a thousand tales of the coming/uncoming/recoming Christ is the moment when you touch the penis of Gatekeeper and hot cum flows like tongues of flame. This is religion. This is rebirth. No morals, no do’s and don’t’s, no redemption, no salvation. Direct gnosis of the mystery of life, cooling on your hand. And the immediate sacrilege: wiping the seed on the burned and stained carpet (Onan shouting in the face of the gods as he wastes his magic on the dust).

And we must come to terms with this: you are given a gift of the spirit only to be used by those who have been pretending all of these years to be the angels’ fiery Santa Baptist. The only holy act is immobility and silence. Let them use your corpse to prove their points. You are free.

2 thoughts on “On Visions by Troy James Weaver

  1. I love this. Don’t know if you liked or hated or what, but this in and of itself is great. I appreciate you taking your time to read my book. Thanks!

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    1. Troy, thank you and thanks for writing Visions. I did enjoy it indeed. Word Virus is a way for me to respond to the works of authors that I admire. However, I hate writing reviews. Instead, I sit down immediately after finishing a book and jot down some free-form thoughts that I hope will intrigue would-be readers. Thanks again for your work. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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