Name, Last:     Pitu       Name, First:    Pani      Middle Int.:  P

ID#: 270850-33             D.O.B.:    ?/?/1920+       Nation:    Peru

Occupation:     Shaman/Headtaker           Spouse: Multiple (Sira/Tia/Upa)

Dependents:     ~13        Previous Audits:     0    T-Lvl:     3


Item 001:  Anthropologic Specimen – Human Head, Shrunken

Approx. Worth:  “1 goat, 1 gourd moon-spirits, 1 yard child”

Actual Worth:   $25,000 USD

Comments:  The boiled, rouged and sewn up facial skin of what Above Unit claims to have been, “a powerful witch from the Old Rat River. Had to cut her myself. Couldn’t send the children.” Head approx. 3 inches in diameter with graying black hair. Lips curved into smile and blackened with charcoal. Extremely detailed needlework around the eyes. “Gives a man heavy sack and keeps the devil out of his women,” claims Above Unit. Good quality specimen.


Item 002:  Anthropologic Specimen – Human Head, Shrunken

Approx. Worth:  “A wife. Maybe two if they’re lazy.”

Actual Worth:   $37,000 USD

Comments:  As above, but pristine. “My best one,” states Above Unit, “Most beautiful child of the Mountain People. Famous. Much trouble for them. Every tribe hears of Most Beautiful Child and wants for blood wife. Much death surrounded the tribe, so they cast her out. Had to dress like the Black Man to get close enough before the jaguars got to her.” Even in her shrunken form, I long for her plump cheeks. I mention this only to approximate the power Specimen held over me. Such a unique artifact could go up steadily in price if private collectors were to find out about the Art that is the shrunken face of Most Beautiful Child.


Item 003:  Anthropologic Specimen – Wooden Pipe

Approx. Worth:  “I can carve a pipe in one day.”

Actual Worth:   $23 USD

Comments:  A present to me from Above Unit. I refused to share in the smoking of his Concoction (a blue mold mixed with green leafy matter), but must have inhaled particles of smoke as Above Unit smoked heavily in the windowless hut. After clearing the pipe, Above Unit presented it to me, “as a gift. To protect you in the Dreaming.” Pipe taken by Lab 7 for resin analysis.


Item 004:  Anthropologic Specimen – Obsidian Bone Dagger

Approx. Worth:  “Found yourself a Dream Blade. Yours forever now.”

Actual Worth:   $259.99 USD

Comments:  Left the hut to escape the smoke and clear my head only to find myself in a shadowy desert in a pale green fog surrounding by looming monoliths. Language left and my hand stretched out what seemed like miles. I reached into a hole in the mist and felt something cold and smooth. My arm snapped back and in my hand I found Specimen. I turned around and saw the hut. Reentered and returned to normal consciousness, specimen secure in my grip. “Who sent you, White Man?”


Item 005:  Anthropologic Specimen – Human Corpse, Skinless

Approx. Worth:  “These old bones ain’t worth dying over.”

Actual Worth:   $250,000 USD

Comments: He charged me when he saw the dagger. During the struggle, in which Above Unit poly-morphed into a black goat that whispered harmful incantations into my ears, whose breath was a hot flame, I slit him across the abdomen with Item 004, which changed him back into a human, eviscerated. He began screaming, “I will walk in skin once more and call home the children.” I removed his skin to prevent re-animation and burned it in the fire. The children remain with their mothers.




Agent #: 93          Auditor Name: J. Elwood    Preparer: G. BXXXXXX

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