APOKRALIPTIHKAL is the inter-networked human-interpreted script storage space of author Craig A. Buckley (aka Goathead Buckley).

You can contact his brain and fingers at:     crgbuckley at gmail dot com

Here you will find anarcho-sirrealist rants, bizar-sc(h)i(z)-fi flash fiction, experimental texts-as-sigils, thoughts and notes on texts from Others – all comprising the Writ of the Goathead.

The Publications page highlights successful attempts to bring these works to a larger audience.

The Texts page archives a portfolio of creative script focusing on short stories and flash fiction with previews of longer works. Unlike the slap-dash, written-as-I type, free verse meditations that are found on the Home-Blog front page, the Texts page houses more focused scripts.

The Word Virus page houses reviews and notes on the work of Others. Small press authors: feel free to contact me (see above) concerning a review. Please read my other reviews before doing so. If you think I’d be into your work, I would love to hear from you.

Plans for a Support page are in the works. One in a long line of worker-poets, I am under no illusion that scream-scribing absurdities is worth anything in the Market. Instead, I will provide in this space Punk Rock Shit (stickers, buttons, hand-scribbled rants, etc.) for you to litter about yourself and your town. Soon, my lovelies. Soon.

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