Kaleidoscopic Brain Vomit

“Welcome to the future.”

He held up what appeared to be a bullet.

“Don’t look too quickly, now. What you see may appear to be a number of things, but what this is…is a spaceship. And a timeship. And a voidship.”

I squinted, trying not to see a bullet.

“You see, how this work, now, is that this little miracle is sped up a thousand times the speed of man and shoved into the part of your brain that does your astral traveling. This is not a physical part of your brain, of course, and this ship is barely physical itself. You may see a variety of things when I hold this up, but know, now, that what you see is but a small aspect of the true nature of my invention. Let me demonstrate.”

He took the supposed ship and place it in a very real, very definite pistol.

“This is the accelerator tube.”

I cringed when he put the gun to his head, and shit in my shorts when he laughed and, instead, pointed the gun at me and fired. But he was right. I had not seen all of the aspects of his invention, only the little metal bit that destroyed my brain. The larger enigma remained, such as where did I go? And how am I still typing?


2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopic Brain Vomit

  1. This short post reminds me of the bizarre collection of short stories by Stanislaw Lem, called the “Star Diaries,” in which he deals with very odd scientific and philosophical questions. It’s translated from Polish, which is why it might come across as somewhat “basically” written, with nothing too fancy, but I can see elements of it here. If you haven’t read it, you should check it out. Seems like it’d be right up your street.

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