On the Corner of Martian and Dope

Hey, you’re going to want this. Hey, come on, look at me here man, look in my eyes and see that giggling dancer there. That little spot contains my whole universe. Hole universe, you know? No, c’mon don’t look away. I got what you’re looking for. Every seen a shiny angel get shot out of the sky and buried in a shallow grave in the hills? Every taken dust from an old book and started mixing it with you’re own blood and writing with ghost fingers on the walls that no one can see. No one, I’m telling you. You need this shit. Let me give you this shit. You’re old lady, she like to get high and scrape her head across the sky until little bits of her ears fall off and get stuck to the stars? How you gonna help her out, huh? Just take a little. Take it. It’s yours. You’ll come back. Once the fires leave the ground and come knocking on your door like spooked children around dawn. Once bats start telling your future back at you like an echo of now. Once they dry you out and print all over your paper-thin skin and you can just sit there and read yourself all day ‘cuz your eyes don’t move anymore. Just take it. You’ll be back.

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