Skinless Body Removal Specialist

They took their skin off and ran it up a flag pole outside of the post office in the middle of town. Five skins, untethered, billowing and spritzing the lawn with blood as the afternoon turned blustery. Their corpses crawled upon the stairs and the people with their packages had to go up to the east side entrance, which was a longer and more narrow route. They, of course, complained, but the employees had their jobs and no one had been hired to remove skinless bodies.

They posted application opportunities on their website, but by the time the interview process was finished and the remaining applicants were rounded up for final analysis, the flies and skunks and sewer children had stripped the flesh off of the corpses and the job description had changed from “Skinless Body Removal Specialist” to “Skeleton Disassembler” and they had to re-post the job and start the process again.

They forgot about the skins hanging from the flagpole. They had been too busy to look up.

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