Fragment of Lecture from Uni. of Arkultuhlan, circa. 2016

“…this was before they started pulling bones from their faces to implement in their structures. You can see in these carvings that their jowls have a more rounded look, unlike the carvings from the last few years in which the figures depicted look as if they have the distended jaws of a snake at supper time. It was around this period, in fact, that men took on the grey hue that is now associated with the Womb Born.

As humans continued to dissemble themselves for purposes of art, fame, sex, etc., etc., they eventually replaced their blood with thick nutrient paste that coagulates instantly. As a side effect, the flesh becomes as oatmeal. However, if you’ve ever ripped a human being into two and shook out its organs, you will still find some of the red blood that was so revered by our forefathers as a delicacy. Now, if you’ll turn to the east…”

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