A Vehicle for What?

You have to…
…have to what?
You know, you have to come look at it before we go.
I told you I don’t know if I can go and if I can’t I don’t want to waste time looking at nothing with you.
How can you know if you’re going to go or not when I don’t even know if I’m going…but you should look at it anyway. And it isn’t nothing, I don’t think.
Where is it?
In the room. Over there. At the house.
I just came from the house. I didn’t see anything.
Well, you probably didn’t look in the room.
What room?
You would have seen it if you looked in the room.
I didn’t look anywhere. I always close my eyes when I am out of the sun’s influence. I can’t stand artificial lighting.
I think the thing has natural lightning stored in its tongue and eyes, but I wouldn’t want to test it.
I said lighting.
I said lightning.
Are we going to look at it or just stand around drinking drugs and lying to each other?
Either way, we’ll get there.

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