Luna’s Crank

The moon began to shiver, throwing dust into the vacuum. From Earth, it looked as if a galactic, invisible hound had gotten hold of a dusty tennis ball. When the silver dust cleared, it was apparent that the moon had flipped inside out revealing a long, pitch black tunnel into space.

Immediately, I rummaged through the garage for the rocket crank. I knew I had one somewhere. If I could get to the City Rocket quickly, I stood a good chance of finding a free hole for my crank. I had been moon gazing when the shaking began. I had to have been one of the first to see the morphing and act on the information. I could feel it.

The crank lay shining in the red tray and I picked it up, smiling.

The streets were filled with mud. I looked up to see the moon-hole convulse and vomit onto the planet. Onto the City. The crank hung at my side. No one would want to send the rocket up there with all of this going on.

I could only sigh, and let go my dreams for one more day.

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