Some (nothing) Thing

There is a difference between the nihilism of someone who has searched the Universe for Something and found Nothing and someone who has searched and found a Something so vast that it may as well be Nothing as incomprehensible as it seems. These are the same Nothings, the first person having gone East and the second West before converging. It is the journeys that are different and what they see along the way that will shape how they react when they meet and how they speak of Nothing.

And then there is the nihilism of those who are told that there exists Nothing and never have the balls to jump into the Void to test it out. This is the nihilism of a slave who, told that only Death awaits him outside the fence of the complex, decides to never leave and to endure his suffering. And Death finds him anyway, not believing in fences, and steals his battered soul from his aching body and throws it into the Void after all.

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