Eden was a Trash Heap…

…and this forum is a toxic waste dump of the mind. As soon as thoughts form, they begin gumming up the pipes and sticking to the Filter. Slowly, like mildew on a sponge, comes the blockage and soon enough I think only shitpisshatepus.

The goal is to write like a drunk vomits: when the soma goes sour and turns a bit to the left, the only course left is Total System Purge, gods be damned.

If only my mind had a mouth that wasn’t my mouth and fingers that someone else had to watch as they type. Perhaps someday. Right now, the focus is on breaking up the televisual scar tissue and FM radio scabs, flushing the crust away. I wanna hear this brain-baby squeak when I rub it.

One thought on “Eden was a Trash Heap…

  1. Hail. I feel metal tearing through my being as I read your words. Your writing shall be to the internet as the screeching sudden metal death of a car crash is to the highway. I see hot pavement and gasoline evaporating in the future. May death find you quickly.

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